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00extmaceThe Museum of Contemporary Art of Ibiza (MACE) has organized a presentation with the architect Marià Castelló on the occasion of International Museum Day, on May 18. The presentation will be from 18:30 to 19 hours followed by a talk by the architect with the journalist and director of the Diario de Ibiza, Cristina Martin, from 19 to 19:45 hours. Admission to this activity is free until full capacity is reached.


Erwin Bechtold. Cologne, April 12, 1925 - San Carlos, Ibiza, September 1, 2022.

On his behalf I want to express his farewell to all his friends, his colleagues in the art world and all those who have given him their love and have assisted him in his end.

I also want to thank our neighbours for their affection towards us since we settled in Can Cardona in 1959.

And I want to remember and share with everyone his last words: “Christina, I want to take you with me. You are the only thing that matters to me. I leave you alone. I love you".

Christina Bechtold

Premi Juan Uslé

We are delighted to announce that Juan Uslé is the winner of the 13th Drawing Prize from the Guerlain Contemporary Art Foundation.


Presentació del llibre "Sert(t) arquitecto"

On Saturday, October 5, at 12 noon, Casa Broner will host the launch of the book "Ser(t) arquitecto" by María del Mar Arnús.
In collaboration with: AmicsMACE & COAIB: Demarcació Eivissa i Formentera · Editorial: Anagrama · Free entrance · Limited capacity 


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