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(Vienna, 1942)

Untitled. Years '70
30 x 42 cm.
Set of 12 black and white photographs:
➢ The painter Zush (Evru) in their study of Ibiza by Jean Willi.
➢ Portrait of Ivan Spence in Ibiza
➢ Portrait of Ernest Ehrenfeld in Ibiza
➢ Portrait of Zush, Jean Willi and Yoonah Kim in Paris (2012)
Donation to MACE. 2013

This series by Felix Waske, first of all makes clear a dimension of this artist´s production in the field of photography which expands on his more well-known commitment to drawing and printing. On the other hand, the content of these works appeals for a happy realization: the relationship between not only creative principals with Zush (now Evru) and Jean Willi but also their friendship, complicity and camaraderie.
Waske lived in Ibiza between 1967 and 1977 and these photographs are from this precise period. In 1973 he exhibited in the mythical gallery of Ivan Spence and as can be seen in this series there is a portrait of the dealer and gallery owner who was also the father-in-law of Zush for some time. The gallery was open between 1961 and 1975. This relationship – told through these photographs – is an authentic documentary which is highly useful in the construction of the history of the contemporary art scene on Ibiza.
In the series by Zush the studio can be seen in Sant Josep (and the works being created). The last photograph in the series captures their recent (2012) encounter in Paris between three friends together with Yoonah Kim (Zush´s partner), which shows the long-term relationship between the artists. The portrait of Ernest Ehrenfield – the writer and art-dealer – who resided in Ibiza between 1952 and 1978 completes the series. 

The series has been processed by Alicia Herráez (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and Peña Coll (Universidad Ramón Llull de Barcelona) as part of the practices carried out under agreement in this museum in 2013.

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